It’s about time! I decide to take control of my money

It’s about time! I decide to take control of my money.

Welcome to your first article.

This one will be an overview of what you can expect to experience here.

I really hope that you will find relevant information that will help you elevate your knowledge about investing and aid you generate higher returns on your investments.


I’m really excited, are you?


If you are looking for a deep understanding about what to do with your hard earned money that can help you retire earlier or if you have a small amount of savings or zero knowledge about the stock market or the financing world; this blog is going to be a rich resource for you.


So please be curious and navigate through our website to find great videos and articles that can help you positively change your financial situation.


This website is about understanding the stock market but you will realise that it’s way more than that. We cover different areas on finance.


My goal is to help thousands of hundreds of people that have no clue where to start.

I believe that these kind of things that you will read about need to be taught in high school:

-How to do a Budget

-Deal with Finances

-What is a Mortgage

-Get directly into the Stock Market instead of a fund. (What is a fund anyway????)


My promise is to start sharing what I do and help at least one person to change their world for the better.

So if you are that one person, well then my life is fulfilled.


Last thing before I let you go,  I want to be crystal clear on this.

Everything that you will find here is from a personal opinion, perspective, or from my own experiences

Do not take any of my advice.

Do not take any of my advice.

I am not your financial advisor.


Let’s just have fun and let me entertain you.


So now…

– Make It Happen –



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