“Start doing things for the good reasons."

WHY, I’m doing it

My name is Mathieu-Alexandre Gagnon, but my friends call me MAG.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

My spouse, Andreanne and I, are very fortunate.
If you accept to hang out on our website you will find tremendous information that might help you retire faster. You might find powerful tools that will help you take control of your money and all your investments.
Sounds good ehn?!

We hope, because that’s the main reasons why we decided to start this.

I’m 31, Andreanne is 27.
Yes, still.

But a year and a half ago our bank account was the same size of a 9 years old; same thing with the saving account.

What have we missed in life?

Certainly education.
We have both been raised by fantastic parents but I’m talking about financial education here.

I feel like I have always been living without worrying about what is next, in 20-30 years.

I want to have fun right now.
I want to travel and explore new things without working too much. That’s me.
I personally don’t believe that working hard or harder will get me where I want to be. I prefer “working” smart.

But that’s totally another topic that I won’t cover today.
I was broke.
I wanted to be a millionaire.
I wanted to live out of my cash flow.
I wanted to do it safely.
And I wanted my money to be secured.

I went to University in Finances. Hum!

I realized that I turned out not that well educated for the REAL world.
So we decided to try some obscured paths.

We became seminars junkies.

One of the topics that we have been introduced to was the stock market.
Ouuhhhh frightening.

I always have been interested in the stock market but it looked for me like sports gambling on steroids. And I can tell you that my historic as a sports gambler had not been successful.

But I realized that with the knowledge and the right tools everything gets simpler and possible.


We want you to become interested in money. We want you to get the sense of the mechanic and how simple it can be to manage your own money.

By giving the knowledge we give a chance to help people realizing their WHY. If you haven’t been on MAGDEELUV, go there first. It’s time for you to build your foundation, a strong WHY, otherwise doing all this makes no sense.

When you get the “WHY” you want to make money, you want to make more money, or you want to spend more money we will be able to help you with your journey.

WHY do I want financial freedom? Fortunate Trader office
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